The Halda Space Discovery unites clever functionality with slick design while pioneering use of highly advanced material in a watch. A piece like that can only be properly kept in a presentation case that can measure up to the  high level of quality, style and innovation of the time piece itself.

Such a case did not exist. Until now.

In 2010, Halda Watch Company challenged legendary Bohemian crystal glass craftsmanship specialist, Dr. Petr Larva of Larva Design Co, to invent a watch case with extraordinary qualities that would do the revolutionary concept of the first modern Halda justice.

After a year of product design and development, Dr. Larva has created the Halda Crystal Arc, a watch case made out of crystal, representing the sky, with a silver medal representing the moon, both resting on a metal base. Its presentation creates a levitation effect that makes the time piece appear to float freely in the box around the moon. Underneath, the metal base serves as a storage place for the components of the groundbreaking watch concept.

Dr. Petr Larva says, “The Halda Crystal Arc treats the watch like a piece of jewelry. And not just like any gem or valuable metal, the advanced hypermodern luxury jewelry box is inspired by the watch concept and made especially for space travelers.”

The Halda Crystal Arc will first be presented at the Basel Watch Fair in March 2011 together with the Halda Space Discovery and thereafter made available for Halda owners only per order.