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The mechanical module of the Space Discovery features a self-winding high-beat movement from A. Schild operating at the frequency of 36.000bph (5Hz). The diameter is 45mm and the case and bezel are processed out of stainless steel.

The case of the Space Module is made of TECAMAX™, a material certified by NASA. The watch is a limited edition of 128 pieces, it is delivered in a handmade wooden box, featuring the unique and award-winning Halda time platform and bracelet, both made in stainless steel. Space Strap in Velcro is also included. The watch is built to withstand a pressure equivalent to 10 ATM (100 meters).

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Digital module



The case of the Space Module is made of TECAMAX, a new material certified by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA, and proven to meet tough requirements of durability and precision. It is extraordinarily light with outstanding isolation capabilities and strength. It endures extreme temperatures and exposure to acid and chemicals.

Each of the Time Modules is uniquely marked with an individual number from 1 to 128.

Case Dimension

Diameter 45 mm, Thickness 17,50 mm.

Case Back

Stainless Steel with a deep etching engraving on case back.


In space: domed Hesalite crystal.
On earth: domed sapphire crystal.

When going to space Halda Watch Co. will without cost change the sapphire crystal to a domed Hesalite crystal.

Water Resistance

10 atm (equivalent to a water pressure at a depth of 100 m).



The electronic movement in the Halda Space Discovery is developed in-house by Halda Watch Co. It combines the latest technology and it is constructed with a low power consumption microprocessor. It has a tailor made LCD display with LED backlight.

Electronic Movement Calibre

HS 2009-1.



Push Buttons

3 push buttons with an easy to use interface.


High capacity battery (600 mAh).

Power Save Mode

The electronic module has a built in power save mode to save battery consumption. At normal use of the watch in Power Save Mode, the battery is expected to last approximately 2 years.


The watch has an integrated 3-axis accelerometer measuring G-forces in three directions.

Light Sensor

Integrated in the watch is a light sensor that constantly measures the light and when needed the backlight in the watch start automatically.


The watch has an integrated piezo element creating sound.


Software Version


Dual Time

Two world times are shown simultaneously. Full calendar function displaying current day, date, month, year and week.


Timekeeping and split time presented down to an accuracy of 1/10th second.


24-hour timer.

UTC Alarm

Alarm set relative to UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).

MET Alarm

Alarm set relative to MET (Mission Elapsed Time).

Event Log

Logging function for various events. For each event the date, UTC-time, and a serial number is stored. Log up to 99 events.


An alarm clock adjustable to sound either once at set time or same time every day, or only on weekdays.


A countdown to a certain point in time/a certain day. Shows number of days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining until selected time.

Mission Time

Countdown for lift off can be set for a precise time. At the set time, the watch automatically begins measuring acceleration during lift off, displaying current G-forces as they occur. Once acceleration stops, the function automatically displays Mission Elapsed Time (MET). This function is based on the NASA Countdown 101 protocol, the official framework for space shuttle lift-off. It is also prepared to accommodate the countdown protocol for the new generation of Are rockets.

Earth Time

Earth Time lets you know what the time is in various parts of the world. Here you will find all the countries of the world, see their local time and their time zone.


Acceleration, the G-force, can be measured automatically during liftoff, during the re-entry phase, or be initiated at a chosen point in time. During measurement, the highest G-force value is stored in a separate memory.

Mechanical module


Each of the mechanical Time Modules is uniquely marked with a individual number from 1 to 128.


Brushed Stainless Steel with a polished bezel.

Case Dimension

Diameter 45 mm, Thickness 16,00 mm.


Domed sapphire crystal, anti-reflex treated.

Case Back

Stainless steel see-trough case back with sapphire crystal.


Engine turned and manufactured with two discs and with raised applied index, luminous indicator.

Water Resistance

10 atm (equivalent to a water pressure at a depth of 100 m).






In the modern Halda there is a vintage New Old Stock (NOS) movement. It is a (self-winding) automatic high performance mechanical movement, constructed to operate at the unusual and high frequency of 5 HZ, or 36,000 bph (beats per hour).


Mechanical movement with automatic winding system, hour and minute counter with a centre sweep second hand. Quick-set date positioned at 3 o´clock operated by pushing the crown.




Geneva Stripes and rhodium-plated finish.


Special manufactured rotor in Rhodium-plated silver.

Power Reserve

43 hours.