The first Halda astronaut ever in space was Swedish Christer Fuglesang, who also was part of developing the functions of the Space Discovery Limited Edition.


When conducting research in the most extreme environment existing to mankind, you would need a professional instrument on your wrist. A true workhorse with sophisticated technology and advanced functions all built into a case with a material reliable enough to withstand exceptionally high and low temperatures. The true purpose of the Halda Space Discovery’s digital module is to assist astronauts on their missions in space.

With the ongoing exhibition in Washington DC, celebrating Swedish contributions of cutting-edge technology in past and future space industry, we are proud to announce that another Halda Space Discovery watch is presently is in orbit. Last time we had a timepiece onboard the ISS it travelled more than 110 million kilometers which equals 2655 times around Earth in 165 days of space presence.

On December 15th, yet another Halda astronaut launched into space and safely docked to the ISS. We wish the fourth Halda astronaut a successful mission and a safe flight back to Earth next year.