It is with a great pride we announce that the Halda Race Pilot has been elected Watch of the Year 2014 in the category Excellence Award for Design. With a though competition between the best watches in the world, a jury in London selects the winner for the prize, this year with the following motivation:

 “…A modular, highly versatile watch with an interchangeable case that houses a Zenith Elite calibre and a case in which a quartz movement designed in-house offers a multitude of functionalities…”

The award is one of the most prestigious and significant prize a watchmaker can receive. The prominent Watch of the Year award started over a decade ago by 0024 WatchWorld and has grown to become a greatly respected institution.

When we decided to create the ultimate timepiece – without compromise – guided by our legacy from 1887, we wanted to challenge conventions and to demonstrate what the future of watchmaking could look like. This recognition is a testimony that a passion for craft and a relentless focus on details matters. We are immensely proud that the Halda Concept and the new Race Pilot has firmly entered the highest level of modern luxury watch brands. Mikael Sandström, CEO & Watch Engineer, Halda Watch Co.