We are proud to announce that another Halda astronaut is preparing for a space mission. It is the 7th time a Halda timepiece will be put to the test in its true habitat and the second time around for this particular astronaut. What more proof could a watch manufacturer ask for than to yet again be part of one of humanity’s greatest adventures?

The watch itself is a Halda Space Discovery HSD-1.2.1 ESA equipped with custom made software for the astronaut’s research assignment onboard the International Space Station. It is now undergoing the mandatory change from sapphire to the space proven Hesalite crystal. Although the sapphire crystal is scratch resistant it shatters if broken, it’s a clear hazard inside the space station. The Hesalite crystal, on the other hand, is more sensitive to scratches but almost impossible to shatter making it more suited for use onboard.

The mission will last from May to December. The launch into the Earth’s atmosphere will be a proud moment for Halda Watch Co. and another milestone for the Space Discovery. We would like to wish the crew the best of luck and hope for their safe return.